How to Boost Your Credit by 100 Points | Save money when buying in Southern California


A lot of people want to buy a house but they can’t because poor credit is holding them back, we can fix that. Even though they have a great job and down payment, they just can’t seem to get a loan because that credit is so far down the banks won’t touch them. 


Now if you have a better credit score, you’re going to get lower interest rates and more loan options at more different banks and that’s going to help you save money when you buy a house. Well, today, I’m going to show you how to boost your credit by 100 points or more




My name is Matthew Silva and I’m a real estate broker, a loan originator, and a property manager who has been working in real estate since 2003. I’ve been helping people buy and sell in Southern California for almost 20 years. My clients include banks, attorneys, investors, normal buyers and sellers and hopefully one day you too. So let’s get started. Before we begin, I want to make sure, you know, I actually have a checklist that goes into more details of these items I’m going to be talking about. If you want to download that checklist, it’ll definitely help you get going and repair your credit on your own ASAP. 





So the first thing Iwant to start with is the One Third Rule

This is something they don’t teach you in school. It’s basically simple. If you’ve got a credit card for $9000 limit of charges, you can make and you charge $9000 – well, that is a bad credit card. I kind of think like to tell people, it’s like a test, right? They’ll give you ten thousand dollars or whatever, but they really don’t want you to use it all. So what they really wanted to see is if you were responsible with a credit and charged some, you got to use it but not too much. 


So the rule of thumb is one third of whatever the limit is should be your average balance. So if they give you $9000, you only charge $3000 and make that credit card payment every month. 


It’s actually better to have 3 credit cards with the 1/3 limit rule, then having 1 credit card maxed out. That one credit card will lower your credit to nothing versus the three that would actually boost your credit. 


People with the best credit scores have a credit card for $50 000 with only a few thousand dollars charged on it and they wind up paying it off all the time and that is how you get really excellent credit. 




Now the other way to work on your credit and boost it up, is to dispute those negative items that have been lingering out for a while. This could be late payments, maybe there is a dispute or maybe generally couldn’t afford it at the time. But those things even from years ago will still be reported on your credit. So what you want to do is you write to the credit bureaus and you write them a letter, let them know who you are, your information, give them a copy of your credit report and let them know those items being reported are fraudulent. Any proof that you have that you paid it on time, send it in. 


And what happens is now they go back to that credit company that is reporting the negative item on your credit and they have 30 days to respond back and say, well, he’s right or he’s wrong and they have to show their proof. How these are big companies and sometimes they really don’t have time to respond. So you may win by default when they don’t respond and that item gets removed off your credit reports, now you’re looking good. 




Now it’s time for the bonus around the joint cardholder trick. Now this one’s a little bit questionable but I think I should be able to share it with you. We’ll find out if I get a call from somebody one day then I may have to remove it but this one works pretty darn good. 


So if you know somebody who has a credit card that follows a one-third rule and they’ve had it for a couple years and never have any late payments and always paying on time. Well, you can reach out to that person and get permission to be added as a joint cardholder. This person will have to call their credit company and add you to their credit card. Well now that credit card actually shows up on your credit report as if you’ve been paying it for years and that absolutely boosts up your credit by quite a few points. 


Now, I have a lot more tips and tricks but those are considered trade secrets by the credit report companies that I use. In my free report that is included in the description, I do go into detail some more, there’s a lot I can never tell you about, only the credit repair companies I work with will tell you directly what they’re doing. 




So if you want help working on your credit when you’re in a situation where you’re trying to buy right now and you need to boost your credit please reach out 562-521-8575. I will set up a free consultation to review your unique situation and create a game plan to help you boost your credit and get into home ownership or purchase more properties. 





Thanks for reading and good luck